Od 1995 roku podstawową produkcją Agropianu jest wykonywanie elementów wentylacji do obiektów inwentarskich oraz gospodarczych dla utrzymania odpowiedniego mikroklimatu.

What distinguishes our products?

Lightness and easy assembly



What do we produce?

  • air inlets made of rigid polyurethane foam (PU)
  • air inlets made of high-impact polystyrene (PS)
  • covers and blackout filters for air inlets for darkening hen houses and turkey houses, made of black ABS
  • fan covers and blackout filters
  • insulated ventilation chimneys with sections: Ø 570, Ø 650, Ø 820 mm made of ABS plastic, insulated with PU foam
  • blackout filters for chimneys with sections: Ø 570, Ø 650, Ø 820 mm
  • insulated plugs and shutters for fans
  • plastic grates for ducks, geese and hens
  • drinking bowls
  • LED lamps lighting for agriculture

Why choose us?

Sealing and insulation of breeding halls by spraying with polyurethane foam and the assembly of our products guarantees high negative pressure values and low breeding costs.

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