Od 1995 roku podstawową produkcją Agropianu jest wykonywanie elementów wentylacji do obiektów inwentarskich oraz gospodarczych dla utrzymania odpowiedniego mikroklimatu.

Supply air chimneys


The supply air chimney is used for negative pressure ventilation and works as a ceiling air inlet. After the fan is installed in it, it can be used in a balanced ventilation system.

The supply air chimney with a mixer is dedicated to balanced ventilation systems, additionally it includes the possibility of mixing the introduced cold air with heated air from the ventilated facility.


We offer brackets made of INOX stainless steel for the roof of the air supply chimney. Other mounting accessories, such as screws, washers, are offered in the standard version (galvanized) or in the premium version, i.e. also made of stainless steel.

For chimneys with a diameter of 570mm, we use three sets of brackets. We use four sets of brackets for chimneys with a diameter of 650mm and 820mm.

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