LED lamps for agriculture

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Good lighting is of great importance for creating optimal breeding conditions in poultry production and is an essential factor in the management of poultry farming. The introduction of a modern and efficient lighting system has a positive effect on the improvement of the financial result of breeding.

Thanks to the use of AS Led lamps, the breeder can improve the well-being of the birds by simulating the sunrise and sunset, i.e. a gentle start and end to the day, thus ensuring the birds as close to natural conditions as possible. In addition, the system provides the ability to freely adjust the light intensity, so you can ensure optimal lighting conditions adapted to the age of the birds.

A specialized LED lamp designed for lighting farm buildings where very high tightness and increased chemical resistance are required. The innovative use of two colors of light (warm white 3000K and blue) in one lamp makes it an ideal lamp for lighting hen houses.

  • Two colors of light in one lamp (white / blue)
  • IP68 degree of protection
  • IK10 impact protection level
  • Top quality LEDs (OSRAM)
  • Durability of the LED source: 50000h / 25 ° C
  • The light intensity can be adjusted from 0 to 100%
  • 100% Polish product
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